Our guiding principles are:

High Quality





Projectbinder has experience in defining system requirements and providing specifications for clients. Also we can interact with  integrators/solution providers or take the role as the integrator. This to secure systems can be qualified and meet requirements.  

Automation Consultancy & Solutions

Projectbinder works within the following systems to leverage Industry 4.0 benefits

  • MES

    Supporting new and old generations of MES systems. These provide a real time interface between an ERP system and plant floor operation enabling on demand production and a higher product quality.  


    Visualizes data collected from various sources such as PLCs, PC, external control systems. Furthermore SCADA can support with collection of historical data that provides process monitoring and a high level of process control.

  • PLC

    Working with the known brands of PLCs to provide the required level of control at the same time as retrieving relevant process data.  



  • Serialisation

    Many years of experience within the serialisation area secures the right solution for our clients. We work with both integrated and stand alone solutions.

IT Infrastructure Consultancy & Solutions

Projectbinder® works within the following systems to enable & support Industry 4.0 benefits

  • Cloud Strategy

    Assisting our clients with analyzing, designing and implementing a cloud strategy including secure VPN connections to the cloud – whether AWS, Azure or similar.

  • IT/OT Network Segmentation

    Supporting production and control systems at all levels using infrastructure logical segmentation. This securely segments and places areas of manufacturing, hosting, DMZ zones behind firewalls.

  • Network Architechture

    Analyzing,  designing and implementing the virtual layers of the  manufacturing infrastructure including VRFs, VLANs, Stacks switches, context firewalls etc.

  • Resilient Infrastructure

    Ensuring business continuity designing robust and resilient LAN/MAN/WAN manufacturing infrastructure with focus on redundancy and failover for OSI layers 2 and 3.

Operational Services

Projectbinder® keeps your facility alive

  • Install Base Evaluation

    What is installed, What is on stock, What is critical, What is obsolete.

  • Migration Strategy

    We can help create a strategy for both IT, Automation and instrumentation. We would start with a 5 years plan.

  • 24/7 Support

    We can arrange this with a mix of own resources and partners.


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