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11 Aug 2023

Bringing smiles and hope: ProjectBinder sponsors Danske Hospitalsklovne.

Danske Hospitalklovne clowns with a baby

The healing power of laughter.

In the often sad and challenging hospital environment, where illness and vulnerability prevail, the light comes from Danske Hospitalsklovne. These remarkable individuals with red noses, colourful costumes, and a heart full of compassion remind young patients and their families that a smile can be the best medicine, even in adversity.

At ProjectBinder, we are proud and happy to support the Danish hospital clown organization dedicated to spreading joy, laughter, and positivity to sick and vulnerable children. 

Their presence is about bringing laughter and fostering a sense of normalcy and joy in an overwhelming situation. In close collaboration with the staff, they offer their help in various roles where it fits into the treatment. Nowadays, they manage to visit approximately half of the approx—75,000 children who are hospitalized in Denmark each year. 

Helping them to spread smiles.

Currently, they are 61 hospital clowns and 12 clown apprentices in training.  They are not volunteers but professionally trained.

These artists undergo rigorous training that goes beyond wearing colourful costumes and painting with smiles. They learn the delicate balance of humour, sensitivity, and empathy to interact with children grappling with fear, pain, and uncertainty.

We at ProjectBinder are pleased to strengthen our link with our community and, in this way, help the most vulnerable through the commendable work of this organization.

As their activity depends on donations from private individuals, foundations and companies, we encourage you to support and back Danske Hospitalsklovne so that even more children can benefit from hospital clowns during complex illnesses.

24 Jan 2023

ProjectBinder becomes "Part of INIT"

One of the Nordic region’s leaders within industrial IT and automation will be named Init and launch a new website at Today, Init consists of 9 Nordic companies with a total turnover of DKK 500 million and 400 employees in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Serbia and Spain, who are specialists within industrial IT, automation, IOT and OT cybersecurity.

On 24 January, Init is launched as a future name for Axcel’s group of Industrial IT and automation companies, whereas the 9 companies in the group, in addition to their current names, will also be “part of Init”. Init has a clear ambition to be the preferred partner for customers that focus on optimization, digitization, security and green transition of their productionenvironments.

Unique to Init are the group’s 400 highly qualified employees who have deep technical insight and process understanding within a number of selected industries, including: pharma, manufacturing, food, infrastructure, marine and renewable energy.

With 23 offices, Init will continue to focus on being close to customers, but at the same time invest in collaboration and knowledge sharing across offices, thereby creating an even stronger professional environment for the benefit of both employees and customers. 

The group will also invest in new technologies and solutions so that Init’s employees can continue to set the agenda for the industrial IT and automation solutions of the future.

Henrik Jensen, Group CEO of Init: “We see great benefits for our customers and employees by building the Nordic region’s leading industrial IT and automation partner with a focus on sustainable and intelligent solutions, as well as new technology. We experience a high demand for our solutions and are strongly positioned to grow in the future. Over the past year, we have gathered the very best companies in the industry, and we are already strong with a total turnover of DKK 500 million and 400 employees”. He continues: “Axcel has extensive experience in developing Nordic companies and with Axcel on board, we have accelerated our ongoing development agenda.”

Christoffer Müller, partner at Axcel, says: “We see a significant potential for customers and employees by creating a larger Nordic group, which is why we believe in Init as a future winner in an attractive industry. We welcome the partnerships with leading IT and automation companies, as well as the skilled and dedicated employees, who today will become even more related to each other, as everyone gets the same surname, namely “part of Init”.

About Init

Behind Init are business owners, employees and the private equity fund Axcel. In January 2022, Init was established as Nordic Automation Partner with the merger of Danish Picca Automation and PD-Automation, and today also counts SwedishNorwegian Acobia and the Danish companies Logimatic, AN Group, Inuatek, 3Tech Automation, ProjectBinder, MBB Consult and Swedish Martensson Consulting.
The group delivers sustainable, innovative and long-term industry-specific IT and automation solutions to a wide range of manufacturing companies in Scandinavia and abroad. Today, the group consists of more than 400 highly qualified/specialized employees in more than 23 offices in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Serbia.

Read more about Init on

For more information:

Henrik Jensen, CEO Denmark and Group CEO
Phone: +45 20 20 52 30
Mail: [email protected]

About Axcel

Axcel was founded in 1994 and is a Nordic private equity fund focusing on investments in medium-sized companies with a broad base of both Nordic and international investors. Over the past 25 years, Axcel has raised six funds with total capital commitments of EUR 2.8 billion. The funds have made a total of 64 platform investments with more than 150 add-on investments and 48 exits.

Read more about Axcel on

For more information:

Christoffer Müller, Partner
Phone: +45 29 38 53 66
Mail: [email protected]

Christian Schmidt-Jacobsen, Managing Partner
Phone:+45 21 78 36 97
E-mail: [email protected]

9 Dec 2022

ProjectBinder awarded the Børsen Gazelle 2022 as one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark.

We have won the prestigious Gazelle prize as one of the fastest-growing companies in Denmark in 2022. This is a prestigious prize awarded by the Danish financial newspaper, Børsen

This is a great recognition for our steady and fast growth as a technology company for region Zealand during the past 4 years. Our CEO in Region North, Martin Petersen and some of our teammates received the prize in recognition of ProjectBinder’s great results.

We are proud and happy with the feeling that many companies rely on us, and find our people and services relevant and effective for their own growth. This is the main reason that allows us to continue working hard.

ProjectBinder is built on a strong team culture and a strong belief in the power of collaboration. We want to thank our partners and customers for the support and our skilled team for their great work and commitment, and for making it happen.  Thank you all for your best endeavour.

13 Dec 2022

ProjectBinder grows by becoming part of the private equity fund Axcel.

The Nordic investment fund Axcel has bet on ProjectBinder to add the company to the Nordic Automation Partner group and strengthen its position in industrial IT and automation solutions, particularly for the pharmaceutical industry.

ProjectBinder will maintain its current operations and the owners and managers will continue in the business with a significant ownership stake in the overall group. By becoming part of this group the company will have access to a lot more resources for IT/OT design and implementation.

ProjectBinder specialises in industrial IT, process optimisation, network design and data analytics. Currently, the company has 53 employees in Copenhagen, Denmark and Valencia, Spain offices.

Martin Petersen and Morten Clarck Sørensen, who own and operate ProjectBinder: “At ProjectBinder we share Axcel’s ambitious vision to create a leading industrial IT and automation partner. All companies in Nordic Automation Partner complement each other well in terms of industry knowledge, competencies, and regional presence. We look forward to strengthening our overall position with a focus on further developing and strengthening our service and products to our customers. Even though the umbrella is called “Nordic Automation Partners” we will still pursue and actively support our customers and a global setup”.

Nordic Automation Partner, established in January 2022, now consists of eight leading companies providing industrial IT and automation solutions to a wide range of public sector, Scandinavian and global companies in the environmental, energy, pharmaceutical, process and food industries, the maritime industry, as well as telecommunications and cyber security.

Christoffer Müller, Partner at Axcel and Vice Chairman of Nordic Automation Partner: “We are delighted that ProjectBinder will now become part of Nordic Automation Partner. ProjectBinder is a great company with a strong culture, good management, lots of dynamics and high professionalism in industrial IT, which is why they both complement and fit well into our group.”

Knut Akselvoll, Chairman of Nordic Automation Partner, adds, “ProjectBinder has a strong name in the market, and some strong competencies, which will help strengthen the group’s overall offering to customers, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. We look forward to working with both the employees and management of ProjectBinder and investing further in growth and development.”

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