Black Diamond Mobile Tool for
Commissioning & Aggregation

Agile, Flexible

At ProjectBinder we have designed, programmed and produced an agile, flexible and robust method to commission and decommission product units. 

Its main feature is that it is possible to aggregate and disaggregate, at all levels, from bundles to cases or pallets.

Black Diamond: The New ProjectBinder commissioning & aggregation tool

It may consist of a case including a simple reader and a printer. The most important thing is that it can be tailored for the complete automation of a producing or distributing process.

With this tool, you can track any single unit of a product to a box or a pallet tracing it all along the supplying chain. So, you have the guarantee that all products are safe and unchanged.  Making its way from the original producer to the vendor more secure.

Moreover, It doesn’t require any kind of integration with your current serialization system.  The tool can be ready to use within a few hours in any industrial environment.  It is useful either in pharmaceutical industries, hospitals or distribution centres.

It is a level 1 to level 5 solution and communicates directly from level 2 to level 4 system. In this sense, it is the most simple serialization system available.

A small, simple and mobile solution

It does exist many other serialization systems but they are bulky and difficult to integrate with the existing machines and require extensive installation on the site.

Black Diamond is a mobile and simple solution.  It is not technically complex and it has all the functionalities you can expect from a full aggregation and serialization solution.

The hand scanner allows you to use it anywhere. You can place it from a warehouse to a pharmacy or any industrial environment. Once you choose the most suitable place, it’s straightforward to connect with your existing equipment.

The new ProjectBinder commissioning tool complies with the most current regulations around the world. From the United States to Brazil, the European Union, Russia and Saudi Arabia.