Create a Central Control Room
with Thinmanager

OT Security

In the last decades manufacturers have relied on multiple PC’s and many other devices to drive their productivity.

Now, as time goes by, all those obsolete  factory equipment need to be transformed  into a modern connected enterprise in order to increase eficiency.

Fortunately, new tools such as Thinmanager  appeared on the market.

It is an interactive control station. It centralizes the management and visualization of content to every facet of a modern manufacturing operation, from the control room to the end user.

At ProjectBinder we have tested it and this is our experience.

Become a modern connected enterprise

Thinmanager removes the sensitive data from the plant floor and centrilizes the data across secure servers with controlled access.

When sharing those data the software provides numerous features to secure deliver of those centralized data and content back out to devices, users and locations on the plant floor.

In this particular sense, you can deliver various content type from multiple sources to a single terminal, so the user easily experience it on every terminal with a customized layout.

Applications installed once on servers can be deployed in many user’s terminals and with many additional configutaration.

You can quickly add additional users, terminals, cameras and more to expand your plantfloor visualization and control.

Increase your workflow

It streamlines workflows and allows users to reduce hardware operation and maintenance costs.

Relevance extends the ThinManager functionality through proprietary location-based technology, enabling users’ secure mobile access to content and applications from anywhere.

The main benefits of a Thinmanager platform are:

  • Boost productivity
  • Enhance visualization
  • Extend security
  • Smart mobility

Secure data sharing

In terms of protection, Thingmanager offers the only secure mobile delivery platform desingned specifically for industrial applications.

It only delivers mobile content to specific locations that you configure using location resolvers technology like GPS, WiFI, Bluetooth, Qr barcodes, that allow you to set up and predefine secure areas where mobile content can be delivered.

And more importantly  Thingmanager will prevent delivery mobile content outside the secure areas, eventhoug the user has all the persmissions.