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About us

The vision

Become a game-changer within OT/IT strategy and projects

The mission

Become a long term business partner valued for our knowledge and service

The guiding principles

High quality

ProjectBinder designs and implements solutions that fit the customer's specific needs and strategy


ProjectBinderco-creates solutions within our field of expertise and industry standards


ProjectBinder follows best practices within tested technology and uses this knowledge to deliver cutting edge solutions


There is a focus on creating and maintaining momentum with a passion for the solution

The people

Martin Petersen

CEO Region Nordic

Our diligent and dedicated GM Nordic draws upon a wealth of experience obtained over more than 16 years in international management, project management, sales and operations within IT and automation. Martin bridges the gap between management interests and the technical community: his professional background includes practical training as an engineer, while he also holds a degree in Engineering Business Administration (EBA).

With a keen eye for getting to the core of matters, Martin masters the art of keeping simplicity at the fore, even in complex matters. Through flawless execution and strong integrity, he and his team deliver high-quality results. With many years of experience working in an international environment, Martin always maintains a positive attitude and embraces change and cross-cultural work environments.

Morten Clarck Sørensen

CEO Region South

With a career spanning 16 years in engineering and consultancy companies, Morten has developed knowledge and experience that allows him to bring a professional edge and in-depth understanding of clients’ needs. He has been involved in every aspect of sales and operations, aspiring to and succeeding in achieving high-level growth.

His academic track record, especially an MBA in Technology, Management and Organization, combined with his background in engineering has aided his understanding of how to progress in markets from an industry perspective. His keen interest in the life sciences industry, his passion for cutting-edge technology and his strong service ethos has allowed him to build an excellent network of contacts and become an advisor within the industry.

Sara Griffiths

Network & Infrastructure Lead/Sr. PM

Sara is an IT professional with more than 10 years of experience working in the IT industry, as well as experienced in the pharmaceutical industry. Sara is a senior consultant and works primarily in project management within manufacturing IT.

She has a thorough knowledge of leading international projects to implement standard and centralised IT solutions for Novo Nordisk, among other companies.

Sara is efficient and agile and focuses on both short- and long-term strategies. Her keen interest and skills in stakeholder and change management mean technical solutions can be understood by everyone.

Pau Ruiz

Finance & HR Director

Pau is a lawyer with a bachelor’s degree in Economics. With over 10 years of experience in different sectors such as banking, legal advice and public administration, Pau manages the organisation’s human resources. He is highly skilled in budgeting, business and strategic planning, and accounting.

Carolina Bueno

Head of Marketing & Communication

Carolina holds a degree in Journalism and has more than 15 years of professional experience in the world of communication. A large part of her career has been in television, first as a reporter and later as a news anchor. She has also worked in written media and as a scriptwriter for several radio programmes. After studying online marketing and communication, she worked for several start-up companies. At ProjectBinder, she is responsible for the marketing and communication department, managing the company’s corporate image and the design and production of written and audiovisual content.

David Gredal

MES Partner

David is an experienced director in the MES area with a proven track record working in the pharmaceuticals industry. He is skilled in people management, business process, IT service management, IT strategy, project portfolio management and outsourcing. At ProjectBinder, David heads the development of the MES/Analytics and Serialisation team. He is based in the Station North but his job in MES competencies is also carried out in the Station South, Spain.

Erik Lauridsen

IT & Network Infrastructure Architect

Erik is an IT architect with more than 20 years of experience within the IT industry. Erik is adept at designing and working with clients to achieve solid and secure solutions within manufacturing IT. In recent years, he has played a leading role in a large-scale, complex and international project within a pharmaceutical company. Erik’s primary field of competence is the network and IT infrastructure with solutions that provide increased IT security, connectivity and manageability.

Stephen Mueller

Senior Development Engineer

Stephen is responsible for the development and implementation of OT and IT solutions for our customers. This includes guidance and solution building with customers, site installation of automation and IT solutions, documentation and support. He has 16 years of specification, design and commissioning experience with safety instrumented systems and automation systems, both offshore and onshore, including over 13 years of systems integration experience. He has further experience in the pharmaceutical GMP field, working with IT solutions, IT security and machinery automation. He is a certified TÜV Functional Safety Engineer.

Stefanos Amoutzidis

IT & OT Engineer

Stefanos is an electrical engineer with a solid background in renewable energy systems and a special interest in electromechanical applications. He has worked on innovative projects in research, involving various simulation environments and laboratory tests.

Magnus Kaas

Senior IT/OT Architect

Magnus is a senior IT/OT-solution architect and technical advisor on IT/OT installations and configuration. He has 20 years of experience as an automation engineer in the pharmaceutical industry, and in recent years, he has specialised in IT/OT installations and configuration. At ProjectBinder, he also supports strategic OT initiatives as a customer advisor.

Poul Kristensen

Head of OEM

As an engineer, Poul has nearly 20 years of experience in industrial automation and digitalisation. He is an expert in strategic sales and business development in the Nordic market, and his aim is to facilitate the digital journey for machine builders (OEM), making them more efficient, competitive and ready for the next era.

Constantin Corrientes

Sr IT & Security Engineer

Constantin is an IT and security engineer with over 19 years of international experience in diverse service, retail and healthcare settings, working with a multitude of different networking and information systems. He has profound knowledge of IT security applications, standards and policies, as well as augmented and virtual environments.

Henrik Grønvold Jensen

Business Developer & Sr. PM

Henrik comes with more than 20 years of international leadership experience working in the supply of applications to the heavy industry and power sector. For many years Henrik has used and developed his skill set within international leadership and people management, as shown by his successful management of a full global setup covering sales, proposals, supply chain, project management, field services, warranty and technical service/support.

Juan Mazcuñan Millas

PM & Sr. Engineer

Juan is an automation engineer with over 5 years of international experience. He is also a project manager certified by TraceLink Inc. He is responsible for leading customer and partner integrations in the TraceLink Life Sciences Cloud. His combination of project management with strong technical and interpersonal skills is the key to his success.

Hashim Raza

MES Consultant & SLA Responsible

Hashim has earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering and has strong communication skills, speaking English, Spanish and Urdu fluently. He has over 6 years of experience working on diverse international projects in different IT and OT fields in the pharmaceutical GMP environments, focusing on track and trace, serialisation, alarm optimisation, and data integrity. Currently, he is working on diverse MES projects with PAS-X and Tulip.

Ruben Calles Alonso

Senior Automation Engineer

Ruben is a PLC and robot programmer with over 9 years of international experience in diverse manufacturing and production environments, working with all kinds of automatic systems. He has a robust knowledge of automation processes and excellent troubleshooting abilities, as well as a dynamic and proactive personality. He also has experience in the pharmaceutical and automotive industry.

Anders Jakobsson

Anders Jakobsson

Senior Compliance Consultant

Anders holds more than 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry working with IT compliance, IT implementation projects, quality assurance, compliance and supplier audits. Furthermore, Anders has a background as a software engineer working with all aspects of process automation and brings his total experience within software and quality to a total of 35 years.

Alvaro Alcaide

Automation Engineer

As an automation engineer, Álvaro has a good approach to understanding both IT and OT architectures. His educational background in IT and Automation as well as his practical and go-fix approach, reinforce him as a capable engineer for both development and project implementation. He has worked on a variety of projects which involved the understanding of different technologies and methodologies.


Sebastian Ambech Stridh de Kieviet

Electrical Engineer

Sebastian is an electrical engineering student specialising in automation, and he also has a keen interest in AI and robotics. He works on the development and implementation of scalable and interpretable machine learning solutions in business and manufacturing.

Luis Omar Salazar

Sr. Automation Engineer

Luis has worked within the field of industrial automation and field instrumentation engineering for 17 years. His experience also covers the execution of projects integrating software solutions for improved plant operations and preventive/predictive maintenance. 


Eva Cuenca

Administrative Assistant

Eva has extensive experience as an administrative assistant thanks to her work in various companies over the last 15 years. Her main task is to support the human resources and finance department. She is also in charge of the administrative support tasks required by the other departments of the company.

Francisco Alcaide

Administrative Assistant

Francisco has strong financial and accounting knowledge that he applies to his work in the financial and human resources department. In addition, he carries out administrative and support tasks for all engineers in their many international projects.

Emma Visgaard

Student Assistant

Emma is a student at Copenhagen Business School. Her current role at ProjectBinder is as an assistant to the different departments of the company, from management to human resources and marketing. She combines her university studies with learning Spanish, so part of her work has been carried out in the ProjectBinder offices in Valencia.