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Take advantage of a virtual model

A Digital Twin is a virtual model or digital representation of a process, product, or service. It can be used to improve the design, commissioning, and operation phases of a project. Among other things, it allows optimizing operations, prevent unplanned downtime, detect and predict anomalies and enable great autonomy.

Digital twin technology also allows improving collaboration and workflows across different types of groups like product design, maintenance teams and engineering disciplines.


At ProjectBinder our aim is to support our customers to define their digital strategy while continuing to be productive. As a service, Digital Twin is tailor-made for machine builders (OEM) to remain productive and focusing on their core activities while benefitting fully from the values a digital platform brings.

Strategy & Leadership Consultancy
Discuss technologies, define low hanging fruits, involve key stakeholders and deliver the business case.
A Virtual Factory
Design and implement a virtual factory to monitor data from the field. Develop the Digital Twin for faster time to market, root cause failures, virtual commissioning.
Travel Team
Our travel team is our task force. They ensure fast mobilization of engineers on site. Our jobs can vary from a few days to long term assignments.
IT & OT Network Infrastructure
Design considerations, possibilities and implementation of technology framework to accommodate needs in the industry.
Machine Learning
Develop machine learning technology for predictive maintenance or discover abnormalities in production
Serialization & Aggregation
Ready to use OEM serialization solution as an integrated solution or as a modular solution based on flight case.

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Poul Kristensen

As an engineer, Poul has nearly 20 years of experience within industrial automation and digitalization. He is expert in strategic sales and business developer in the Nordic market, and his aim is to enable the digital journey for Machine Builders (OEM) making them more efficient, competitive and ready for the next era.


Centralized remote management

ThinManager® is the global leader in the automation industry, providing full-feature centralized thin client and remote desktop server management. ​Its unique software platform offers secure, centralized visualization and content delivery management for modern industrial environments.


ProjectBinder is ThinManager® Platinum Partner proofing our excellence in the ThinManager platform.​ By using this software our customer can:

  • Extend the lifespan of legacy / unsupported ICS systems.
  • Reduce down- and recovery time of defective ICS terminals.
  • Minimize overall maintenance of ICS components.
  • Maximize OT security.


ProjectBinder can support clients with the following services.


IT virtualization
MES Systems, Microsoft Windows ( from MS-DOS to Windows 10 ), Linux ( Debian, Centos, Ubuntu ) . ​
OT security
Firewall Connectivity Cisco, Juniper, PaloAlto, Security Monitoring of OT Communication, Security Updates and Patching Services.
OT virtualization
Scada Virtualization, ICS Connectivity, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, Modbus.
Support and Maintenance & Training Services 
Monitoring of Systems & Applications, Executing Changes (i.e. new Applications), Training of Personnel (remotely & on-site).

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Constantin Corrientes

Constantin is an IT and security engineer with over 19 years of international experience in diverse service, retail and healthcare settings, working with a multitude of different networking and information systems. He has profound knowledge of IT security applications, standards and policies, as well as augmented and virtual environments.


Take a look at some of our projects on

Digital Twin

Full Digital Twin on Novo Nordisk's next-generation pen assembly line

Have a look at our Digital Twin project in partnership with Novo Nordisk and Stevanato Group – SVM. This project has been developed in a joint venture between the three companies. Throughout this project, we explored the potentials of the Digital Twin technology, within the design review and commissioning phases. The results indicate new ways to move faster to the market while remaining cost-effective and environmentally cautious.

The Digital Twin in the Design Review phase

Discover the potentials of the Digital Twin technology in the Design Review phase in a real project in the pharmaceutical industry. Reduce the time to market while remaining cost-effective and environmentally cautious.

A great opportunity to help manufacturers become more productive and support them in their journey towards Industry 4.0.

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