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Alberto Martinez

Double Degree TIME program : MSc Industrial Engineering in UPV and MSc Electrical Engineering in DTU.

Alberto joined  ProjectBinder at the time he had to work on his Master Thesis: Digital Twin Technology for evaluation of machine safety in Industry 4.0. (internal link to the full article on DT site)

The main objective of the thesis was to investigate a new possible application for the Digital Twins developed in Project Binder, machine safety demonstrations.

Student assistant + Master Thesis project

Having the possibility of working as a student assistant while developing my Master’s Thesis on Digital Twins gave me the possibility of spending more hours using and learning Emulate3D, and getting a deep understanding of the technology. At the same time, it made me become a part of the team, work on several projects and understand the practical and business part of the topic.

Why did I choose to come to Project Binder?

I chose Project Binder because of all the growth possibilities it offered at this early stage of my career. As an IT/OT consultancy company with a focus on many different technologies, I found it interesting for getting started and learn what tools are being used right now in the industry. As a growing company, it allowed me to grow together with the team and add value from the first moment I entered it.

Why did I choose to investigate Digital Twins?

In the past years and during my studies, simulation has caught my attention. I am very interested in how we can benefit from modelling systems digitally. Not only the savings in time and costs that virtual tests offer but also  Moreover, my studies and work experience have given me a good background in automation and mechanical design technologies, which is a great combination for the Emulate3D Digital Twin models.

Machine safety applications in Emulate3D

During this project, the Essential Health and Safety Requirements were analyzed to determine which could benefit from including Digital Twin technology in the machinery design process. This investigation concluded Digital Twins could be beneficial for ergonomics, control, mechanical and protection requirements.

After this, two individual requirements were used as an example of a practical application. Both were analyzed deeply to develop a component in Emulate3D that could demonstrate the compliance with them.

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