Transform processes from manual to digital & identify where competitive advantage can be gained.

Boost your business with MES


Supporting new and old generations of Manufacturing Execution systems that enables on-demand production and higher product quality.

Project Management & Planning

Gather all data to define all relevant activities for the most effective planning. Realise complex projects, across several locations with minimal impact on production. ​

Integration & Development

Expertise in OT infrastructure and Industry 4.0 integrations, ensuring a stable, future-proof integration to your MES system.

Configuration & Maintenance

Our travel Team hyper-care at go-lives locally while the Operational Center monitors remotely in real-time interfaces and make daily health check of all the MES system. ​

OEM - Smart manufacturing

Supporting manufacturers staying aligned with the demanding customer expectations and efficient towards their journey in digital transformation.

Defining the digital strategy

Support machine builders to define their digital strategy while continuing to be productive. ​

Helping understand possible gains

Faster time to market, higher profit per unit, enhanced service offerings, many projects but which is the right project. ​

Implement new technologies

Secure a fast and focused implementation of new revenue streams and more profitable initiatives.

Industrial mobility

Allows unprecedented control and security in a sustainable and scalable platform regardless of the size of your industrial environment or number of facilities.


Focus on producing more with less downtime.


Centralized management from a single user interface.​


A secure, sustainable and scalable solution. ​


Deliver content to the right person in the right place.

Strategy & Leadership consultancy

Discuss technologies, define low hanging fruits, involve key stakeholders and deliver the business case.

Virtual factory

Design and implement a virtual factory to monitor and act on data from the field.

Machine Learning

Develop machine learning technology for predictive maintenance or discover abnormalities in production.

Zero Client and Thin Manager technology

Support in implementing Thin Manager and modern zero client HMI solutions.


Deliveries – Ready to deploy

IT & OT network infrastructure

Design considerations, possibilities and implementation of technology framework to accommodate needs in the industry.

Emulate and simulate

Create and develop the Digital Twin for faster time to market, higher quality products, root cause failures, virtual commissioning.

Serialization and aggregation

Ready to use OEM serialization solution as an integrated solution or as a modular solution based on flight case.

Online support

Deliver real time support on request

OEE - optimization

Overview and deliver OEE as a service


Connect to machine with AR/VR & train user.

Predictive Maintenance

Turn service into your value stream.

Sales and Marketing

Display your assets and show your capabilities.

Prepare for Machine as a Service

Be ready when End Users buy machines as Opex.

Learn and correct

Unlock knowledge and enhance your machines.

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