Sharing experience from global strategic projects & extensive partnerships.

Project Lead

Knowing that smooth operation after the project dust settles is crucial.

Optimising legacy systems and delivering data to IT solutions is often the challenge. To succeed we secure strong integration of teams & technologies within Manufacturing & IT.

Frequent targets

Optimise solutions to release teams from manual processes enabling a shift of focus to the analysis that brings added business value. ​ Assess & design solutions within key growth areas

Being an active & driving part of project teams sharing best practices within solutions, methodologies & global services.

Strategic roadmaps

In today’s climate, running a successful business requires solid planning and timely execution of strategic initiatives.

Implementing solutions to gather process and operational data, driving intelligent action within manufacturing.

Assessments are baselined on specific facts & recommendations for strategic initiatives. The result provides efficiency in operations by optimising knowledge of where to focus.

Solutions delivered to workers on the shop floor are becoming more context-based and is delivered on the device of their choice. Going forward shop floor workers, in particular, will interface with IT systems far more frequently.

Concept development

Taking a step back to understand the entire solution.

In response to changing requirements, a valid approach adopted in the industry is characterised by prototype development, concrete results & frequent feedback cycles.

We provide customized concept development services within manufacturing. These services are initiated with proven solutions to validate benefits & next steps in your environment.

Enabling intelligent action through a data-driven approach requires system communications & transparency. This in turn requires solutions that combine technologies to actually gather the necessary data.

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