We regularly share our knowledge and ideas in our resource hub.

Benefits of monitoring the OT Network


We regularly share our knowledge and ideas in our resource hub.

Mobile Commissioning & Aggregation Tool

Tracelink - Automatically commission serial no.


IT Infrastructure

We regularly share our knowledge and ideas in our ressource hub.

Success story: extending machine lifespan

How to extend the lifespan of 20-year-old machines and systems. As ThinManager® – A Rockwell Automation Technology system integrator, we often face client systems like SCADA or HMI’s which, although still functional and running, are non-economical to maintain and have a high risk of breakdown due to their age. This was also a successful case

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Create a central control room with ThinManager® – A Rockwell Automation Technology.

This is an interactive control station that centralises the management and visualisation of content for every facet of a modern manufacturing operation, from the control room to the end-user.

Digital Twin

Have a look at our Digital Twin project in partnership with Novo Nordisk and Stevanato Group: A full Digital Twin on Novo Nordisk’s next-generation pen assembly line.

This project has been carried out in a joint venture between the three companies.

Throughout this project, we explored the potential of the Digital Twin technology within the design, review and commissioning phases. The results indicate new ways to move faster to the market while remaining cost-effective and environmentally cautious.