The importance of monitoring
your OT Network

OT Security

In recent years OT Security has changed with the emergence of OT being connected to IT – also known as the OT/IT convergence.  

In this article, we briefly describe the importance of operational security that you monitor your OT network. 

Why is it so important to monitor your OT network?

Basically, for the same reason, you wouldn’t leave the key to your safe in a visible and accessible place.

An OT network provides access to the most sensitive areas of your business and a security breach is more critical.

In order to keep it safe and secure, real-time monitoring of your network is essential. An OT network contains many business-critical components, such as PLCs, HMIs or DCS systems than can be exposed.

Now that we have an idea of how important it is to protect your OT network, here are all the benefits that monitoring can bring to your business.


OT monitoring advantages

  • Identify all communicating devices.
  • Determine the type of communication and its context.
  • Obtain transparency, which adds value to the company.
  • Confirm every change that happens on your OT network.
  • Watch for misbehaving components.


And above all, this will help you to spot security risks in real-time.

What ProjectBinder can do for you

OT and IT technologies are traditionally comprised of different technologies and mindsets.

The middle ground where both interact or collide leads to many challenges. In fact, aligning the OT and IT infrastructure strategies often causes delays and additional costs. This is where ProjectBinder offers its expertise.

We bridge the gap between OT and IT, which means we are able to identify every active component in your OT network and alert you to every change and any security threat, as soon as it happens.

Our company also has a practical, lean and integrated solution approach to deliver projects which fulfil specific needs.

We have a practical working methodology that focuses on ensuring ongoing operation after solution implementation.

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