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Systems & processes

Understanding & mapping systems, processes & data flows​

Today, Industrial automation and IT technology offer the possibility of a scalable infrastructure. A dynamic architecture can be applied that matches and keeps pace with business needs. Potentially this can be used to unlock operational transformation & achieve long-term business goals.

A reliable, robust & resilient manufacturing infrastructure ensures business continuity. In this regard, securing Infrastructure Operability is critical.

We offer expertise with the overall mapping & investigation of systems & data flows on the network layers.

In connection assessing & recommending solutions for managed services such as redundancy, failover, Industrial automation & IT Network Segmentation

Industrial automation

Automation systems in the life science sector, are characterized by high-end engineering and regulatory compliance.

Our aim is to create flexible and intelligent operations where networks of assets and systems can be holistically automated and optimized in near-real-time.


Many years of experience within the serialization area secures the right solution for our clients. We work with both integrated and stand-alone solutions.


Working with the known brands of PLCs to provide the required level of control at the same time as retrieving relevant process data


Diagnostic analyses of automation systems-codes, documentation, obsolescence.


Comprising HW/SW in new and legacy systems.


Code validation in compliance with the GAMP5 standards


Active participation in FAT / SAT / IQ / OQ /PQ qualification phases.


Industrial data

Information & communication technologies exist in all aspects of industrial and manufacturing systems, facilitating the generation of large volumes of industrial data.​ ​

When process experts have access to the data, they can increase their contribution to the running of production lines. In essence, more potential from teams & plants can be gained.

Types of data are historical time-series data residing in plant historians, SQL databases or data lakes collected by machine sensors & processes.

Or data with information about quality, maintenance events, operational events, environmental conditions, and process performance that resides in external business applications.

Making sense of the process & sheer amount of data can be a difficult task. We offer support on finding the optimal way to retrieve & develop a good data flow necessary for long-term use.

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