Projectbinder is a company specialised in project management within all project phases of electrical, automation, IT and network establishment to GMP oriented industries. Projectbinder has a very practical, lean and integrated solution approach to deliver project which fulfils the clients needs. One of the specialties underlining the practical approach is to do in-depth surveys of existing installations and ensure proper back up of older installations.

The working methodology is thus more practical than the traditional consulting engineering solutions as the approach is focused on ensuring ongoing operation and practical implemented solutions.

The company has offices in Denmark and  Spain which enables very competitive quality solutions



Our Vision is to provide Pharmaceutical Industry with a Partnership that make them more profitable and eliminate risk



Growth in the speed that allows us to secure the right resources to provide more than just a consultant service – but also industry guideline on best practises and with the security of we put the customer first.



To become the trusted partner for the Pharmaceutical Industry in The Nordic Countries and Spain within IT and OT.

What we do

Project Team Onsite / Offsite Solution

We can provide both and do programming and validation

on-site and off-site whatever fits the project best.

We have the good access to programming resources in South Europe

Our network permits us to recruit in Scandinavia, Main  Europe, UK and Ireland.

We are an integrator not a body shop, this means that we  will involve our self and take responsibility of the projects  that we are engaged in.

We do turnkey automation and IT solutions if the design  allow it to be scoped and bided separately.

We can also operate your network and system include ensuring data integrity and GMP requirements

What is our believe and scope

  • Projectbinder is a solution provider within IT, automation and network.
  • Projectbinder always works on behalf of the client by either managing or executing the needed engineering, integration and validation.
  • Projectbinder can also manage your network and systems.
  • Projectbinder primarily works within industries governed by GMP
  • Projectbinder is a strong believer in creating solutions which are not too complex but at the same time meet needed requirements.
  • Projectbinder has a unique resource network in Europe and by the office in Valencia we also ensure we can deliver competitive solutions to our clients
  • A core value- let us find a smart solution and get it done




Office in Valencia SPAIN

Avda. Jesús Morante Borrás 131 46012 Valencia Spain
Our office facilitates in Spain have capacity for 15 engineers with the option to expansion to double size in 4 weeks. We are strategically located 10 min from the  airport of Valencia and 1h30 min from Alicante.

Office in Copenhagen DENMARK

Klausdalsbrovej 601, 2750 Ballerup, Denmark
Our office facilitates in Denmark is placed in Ballerup for easy access both from airport and north/south of Copenhagen. It is a shared office compound (CAMP) that enable us  to adjust the office site easily for larger projects.






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